Williams River Christian Community Church

Pastor Kelly talking at the World Christian Expo, Dehli, India, 2016

Pastor Kelly preaching about Matthew 3, repentance and sharing her experience about it and what she has seen in other churches from all over the world.

'You are my Saviour' is one of Pastor Kellys original gospel songs, that appeared on her album 'Gospel Gladness' (Newtone Productions). 

Pastor Kelly preaching at the WRCCC

Pastor Kelly preaching about John 6:26 and the reasons of Christians to follow Jesus Christ and how far we will go for him.

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Pastor Kelly preaching to the Christian Community from all over the world about Psalm 138 and it's connection to Jesus and everyones life.


In 2016 Pastor Kelly was invited to speak and perform at the first World Christian Expo in Dehli, India. In this video you'll live footage and Pastor Kelly talking about her experience.

You Are My Saviour